August 6, 2011
2 years, 8 months and 17 days since
our celebration.
The event starts at  4:00 pm
Ryan's Rock N' Roll Run

The run was created four years ago in memory of Ryan Glenny to help raise money for Ewings Sarcoma cancer research. 

Half of the money raised will go to Make A Wish Foundation, the other half  will be donated to the Moses Haley family. As a community , if we can help one person with one day,  we can call that a success.

The run will be held on the Boone Greenway Trail with the starting line  at the covered picnic area across from the Armory. We will have bands stationed along the run playing live music-hence the name Rock N Roll Run. 

Runners/Joggers/Walkers/Crawlers are all encouraged to come out!

There will be 3 runs

1 mile
5 mile

Entry Fee is  $25 which includes a free T-Shirt and barbecue after the run. Please pre register, this will insure your size of shirt and your ticket for food.

What is the most used letter and least used letter in the english alphabet ?

A / Z
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